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Research Work

Research Work

Being a specialist in the field of manufacturing Electrical Test & Measuring Equipment, we are dedicated to optimize the systems as per our customers needs. To keep up this impetus an obvious prerequisite is thorough knowledge and awareness of all specific applications and feedback from users.

Our new generation of test equipment offers superior specifications and many benefits over the competition. Our products are generally less expensive, smaller, lighter yet rugged, enriched with significant design, specification, and operational advantages over all others.

We also provide Industrial Hands-on Training to the Engineering Students and Graduate Engineers on the following subjects,

  • Transformer
  • Instrument Transformer & Switchgear
  • High Voltage Engineering & Electrical Insulation
  • Electronic System Design
  • Embedded System
  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

Few of our research work details are given here for your kind reference.

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