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Special Products

Special Products

Instead of supplying just the equipment, NTPL believes in supplying the turnkey solutions and can also provide the customized engineered solutions.

Over the past 35 years apart from manufacturing standard test equipments, we have introduced more than 120 innovative products. These products are widely popular & very efficiently being used for years worldwide. Some of these products are shown here.

Title (Automatic High Current Load Cycle Test Set)


NTPL make Automatic Load Cycle Test Set-up is mainly divided into two major functional units, a) Automatic AC High Voltage Test Set and b) Automatic Low Voltage High Current Injection Set.

The automatic Control Unit will enable the operator to inject high current into the cable at pre-programmed set current. Operator can also select the number of ON-OFF Cycle, duration of ON Time, duration of OFF Time and preset temperature for the complete control & monitoring of the system. The High Voltage is applied and maintained at pre-programmed level between cable conductors and shielding.

Input : 415V, 1 Phase ( between 2 phase of 3 phase system ), 50Hz AC

Output : 0 – 2000A @ Open Circuit Voltage 15V

Duty Cycle : Continuous

The above Test Kit will be in multiple units,

1. Microcontroller base Control & Measurement Unit

2. Regulator Unit

3. Current Loading Transformers

All the above units will be provided with wheels for easy movement.


The microcontroller based Control Unit is responsible for the Test Operation which includes, programmable test current, test temperature, test duration, test cycle, automatic motorized voltage regulator. In the Test Set-up two Test Modes are provided, a) Automatic & b) Manual

Automatic Cycle : In this mode the test sequence will run automatically when a push button located close to the operator is activated.

Manual Mode : In this mode increase in current up to the required level will be controlled by the operator pushing a button and holding until the required current is reached. In this mode the timing is operator dependent.


Fuse, Current Limiting Relay, Isolation Transformer, Zero Start Interlock, Door Closed Interlock, Earth Fault Interlock, Regulator Over Run, Fast Tripping Relay, Over Temperature, Over Current, Emergency Push Button.


1. Digital Voltmeter for Mains Input Voltage ( Resolution : 1V )

2. Digital Voltmeter for Output Voltage of Regulator ( Resolution : 1V )

3.Digital Ammeter for Primary Current of loading transformer ( Resolution : 0.1A )

4.Digital Ammeter for Secondary Current of loading transformer ( Range 0-2000A )


Digital LCD – for the display of ammeter, digital timer, temperature, test status


One no. oil cooled motorized regulator is provided.


Loading Transformer with primary terminals are provided for generation of current through cable, passed through the centre aperture of the loading transformer. Current Transformers are provided for measurement & protection.


1. Input Power Supply cable, 3m.

2. Interconnecting cable ( Power and Signal ), 3m.

3. Earthing cable, 3m.

All cables and leads shall be provided with suitable connectors at both ends.

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