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AC High Voltage Breakdown Test Set

Neo Tele Tronix Pvt. Ltd. better known by brand name  NTPL serves in the field of  Electrical and Testing Equipments for over 35 years located in Kolkata, West Bengal.

NTPL manufactures over 60 different types of test and measuring instruments.

 “NTPL” make 3KV or 5KV AC High Voltage Test Set is ideal for testing of Breakdown/withstand test of electrical & electronic components etc.


Input : 230V +10%, 50Hz., 1 phase AC.

Output : Continuously variable from 0 to 3KV for 3KV Test Sets (Type: BDVMN03S) and 0 to 5KV for 5KV Test Sets (Type: BDVMN05S).

Capacity : 50mA maximum in the H.V. side.(May vary as per customer requirement).

Tripping Current : Tripping current can be adjusted at 25mA & 50mA.

Duty : Intermittent i.e. 5 minutes “ON” & 5 minutes “OFF”.

H.V. Transformer: H.V. Transformer used in the Test set will be cast resin type.

Protection: Snap acting automatic tripping of H.V. circuit in case of overload of sample under test. Zero start interlocking will be provided.

Metering : Analog type voltmeter & milliammeter.

Mode of operation: Sets will be manually operated.

Additional Features:

Tripping set other than standard setting

Digital Metering

  Designed & Manufactured according to relevant IS and International Standards.

Note: Specification & design can be altered according to special requirement of the customer.