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AC HV Test Set

                                          AC HIGH VOLTAGE TEST SET



Neo Tele-Tronix Pvt. Ltd. better known by brand name  NTPL is serving in the field of  Electrical and Testing Equipment for over 35 years located in Kolkata, West Bengal.

NTPL manufactures over 60 different types of electrical test and measuring equipment.

AC High Voltage Test Set being one of the major popular and widely manufactured testing equipment is suitably designed to conduct Power Frequency (HVPF) dielectric withstand test on all type of  electrical equipment like transformers, motors, generators, switchgear, cables etc. for which the testing requirement of the max output voltage is within the scope of this test set.

AC High Voltage usually consists of Control & Measuring Circuitry, HV Transformer. Depending on the Capacity of AC high Voltage Test Set it may consist of additional multiple units like: Reactor (Fixed / Variable), Capacitive Potential Divider.


  • Input Voltage    :   230V, 1phase 50 Hz AC, or  415V, 50 Hz, AC 1 Phase (Between two phase of three phase system) as found suitable, depending on the capacity of the test set.
  • Output Voltage  :   Continuously variable from 0 to 500 KV AC.(max manufacturing range specified till now).
  • Max. HT current      :  may vary from mA’s range to 20A’s current.(max manufacturing range specified till now).
  • Capacity & duty cycle  : Intermittent (5min On, 10min Off). However, test sets of continuous or other duty cycle can be manufactured .
  • Mode of Operation : Manual/Motorised/Semi-Automatic/ Automatic.

NOTE : All the above parameter range and feature may be selected according to requirement of customer.

Control and Measurement Unit :

  • Control Operation : Power Mains ON-OFF, HT Circuit ON-OFF, Emergency OFF, etc.
  • Indications : Mains ON, HT ON, Regulator not at zero, Enclosure / Door Not Interlocked, Over Voltage ( Audio/Visual). For Programmable Micro-Controller Based Control Other indications : ‘TEST PROGRAM START’, ‘END of TEST’ & ‘TEST FAILURE’.
  • Rate of Rise of Voltage : Manual Mode – Operator’s Specific.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Motorised Mode – 2kV / secs, It may also depend on the manufacturer’s design).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Semi-Automatic /Automatic Mode –Settable between the ranges selected according to the output voltage of the test set.
    • Rate of Fall: Depends on the rate of rise selected.
    • Dwell Time:Usually following the duty cycle of the test set.
  • Metering : Digital/Backlit LCD display.
  • Interlock & Protection : Zero Start, Door /Enclosure, Over voltage, Over current( Short Circuit & Over Load),Regulator Interlock
    (Min. & Max. position), Reactor Interlock.
  • Output Voltage Variation: By means of Voltage Regulator.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       For Motorised/Semi-Automatic/Automatic Mode of Operation:  Voltage Regulator along with Motor Driven arrangement.
  • Over load Tripping adjustment: At 25%, 50% and 100% (Usually for Manual/Motorised sets). At 10-100% for Semi-Automatic/Automatic Sets.

HV Transformer :  HV Transformers – Cast resin / Oil Cooled Indoor type and of suitable capacity. HV winding being of graded  insulation, one end connected to the earth potential through a C.T. operated Ammeter & tripping device, while the other end remains in floating condition as H.T. terminal.

The transformer will be designed to withstand frequent intermittent in over & short circuit condition under which such testing transformers are designed to operate

Voltage Regulator : Continuosly Variable and of Suitable capacity.Control circuitry to increase & decrease the test voltage. Minimum & maximum position interlock of limit switch to automatically disconnect Increase/Decrease circuit mode.

Reactor (Variable,Shunt): To avoid too low power factor as well as compensation of the mains supply current as DUT being mainly capacitive.

HV Capactive Potential Divider : For high Capacitive loading the HV Output measurement from LT side or Tertiary Winding may differ from the expected voltage. A Capacitive HV Potential Divider provided with low voltage arm may be connected directly to get the exact measurement . An UHF connector with co-axial cable is used to connect to a metering circuit for High Voltage indication. The capacitor will be oil cooled type, provided with corona guard and can be movable with wheels at bottom or fixed.

Accessories : Discharge Rod, Interconnecting Cables between the test units.(Mains Input cable : To be provided as per capacity,Length : 3m generally.)(Output Cable : Out of scope of our supply.)

Common Structure and Transportation Cover: For test sets of higher Capacity and consisting of multiple units may be mounted on a structure with lifting arrangement and proper sheet steel cover. The structure can be shifted from one site to other site without requirement of packing and reconnection between the units.

Designed & Manufactured according to relevant IS and International Standards.

Note: Specification & design can be altered according to special requirement of the customer.