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Capacitance & Tan-Delta Test Set

Neo Tele-Tronix Pvt. Ltd. better known by brand name NTPL serves in the field of Electrical and Testing Equipments for over 35 years located in Kolkata, West Bengal.

NTPL manufactures over 60 different types of test and measuring instruments.

Capacitance & Tan-Delta Measuring Equipment along with its accessories is suitable for testing motors, Power Transformers, H.V. Bushings, Generators, Power Capacitors, cables etc. at power frequency. Periodic measurement of dissipation factor & capacitance on new solid insulators and those on long service period produces comparative result about the trend of deterioration of insulation resistance before insulation breakdown occurs.

Thus, the set is ideal to conduct routine diagnostic tests on solid insulating components, equipment required for High Voltage generation, Transmission and Distribution.

The Set is in four units:

  1. Capacitance & Tan-Delta Measurement Bridge
  2. High Voltage AC Power Supply Control Unit
  3. High Voltage AC Power Supply Transformer Unit
  4. Standard Capacitor

Standard test modes


Reduces the effect of stray capacitance to ground. Maximum accuracy is obtained in this mode.


Mostly used in outdoor installations, power systems when the object under test is permanently grounded. Exp. Windings of Transformer to tank and core, Coils of Rotating machine, circuit breaker assembly etc.


Performed to measure stray capacitance and separate it from values obtained in GST test.

Capacitance & Tan-Delta Measurement Bridge

    Type            Test Voltage                Current Capacity                    

CTDNTE12           0-12KV                             200mA Max.                                 

CTDNTE20           0-20KV                                 2A Max.                                                                                                                                   

Input: 230Volts, single phase, 50Hz. AC.

Capacitance measurement:

  Value of Standard                Cx x four                   Resolution                             Accuracy

Capacitor (Cs) used          multiplier range

—————————           ———————–           ——————            ————————————

100 pF                                  1 pF to 0.11 mF                   0.1 pF                   + 0.2% of reading + .1 pF

1000 pF (1 nF)                    10 pF to 1.1 mF                    1 pF                       + 0.2% of reading + 1 pF

10000 pF (10 nF)                100 pF to 11 mF                   10 pF                     + 0.2% of reading + 10 pF

Tan – Delta measurement:

 Tan-Delta            Tan-Delta             Resolution                          Accuracy

    Factor                 Range

—————-      ——————–     ———————-      ———————————–

      0.1              1 x 10-4 to 0.11          2 x 10-6                  + 2% of reading + 2 x10-5

      1.0              1 x 10-3 to 1.11          2 x 10-5                  + 1% of reading + 2 x10-4

   10.0               1 x 10-2 to 11.1          2 x 10-4                  + 1% of reading + 2 x10-3

  • Special shielding arrangement has been designed for this kit to suppress external interference. These enable accurate measurements even in electrically noisy environment particularly in switchyards.

High Voltage AC Power Supply

  • Input: 415Volts, two phase out of three phase, 50Hz. AC.
  • Test Voltage: Continuously Variable 0-12kV, 50Hz AC.
  • Capacity: 200mA maximum in the HV side.
  • Duty Cycle: 200mA-15min & 100mA-Continuous.
  • Type: Manual, Semi-Automatic, Automatic.

  Series               Type             Test Voltage                Current Capacity                     Duty Cycle

ACHVCTD        12K200m              0-12KV                          200mA                                  15 mins.

                                                                                         100mA                                 continuous

ACHVCTD        20K2A                  0-20KV                                 2A                                  30mins.

                                                                                               1.5A                                  60mins.

                                                                                                 1A                                continuous


  • 31/2 digit digital panel voltmeter & ammeter

Standard Capacitor

Wide range of NTPL Standard capacitors are load loss stable capacitors designed for use with

Capacitance & Tan -Delta Bridge.

Series                    :              STCCTD.
Type                      :  100P12K            100P20                  1000P/12              1000P/20               10n12K                 10n20K
Capacitance          : 100PF+5%        100PF+5%            1000PF+5%        1000PF+5%           1nF+5%              10nF+5%  
Operating voltage :   12KV                 20KV                       12KV                    20KV                   12KV                     20KV
Max. voltage         : 14.5KV                24KV                     14.5KV                   24KV                14.5KV    (1min)
Frequency            :              50Hz     +       10% of operation                                                       
                                             Actual value of     :              Actual value indicated on capacitor. Capacitance  
Additional at extra cost
  • Range extension current transformer
  • Reactor

Sets at other test voltages, capacity, measurement ranges can also be manufactured on request of customer.

             Designed & Manufactured according to relevant IS and International Standards.

Note: Specification & design can be altered according to special requirement of the customer.