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Product Automation

Product Automation

In last 15 years, NTPL has developed many microcontroller based testing and measuring equipment as per the latest industrial standards and practices. These products are widely popular & very efficiently being used for years worldwide.

At NTPL we are having dedicated engineering team and a well equipped Automation Laboratory for the development of these microcontroller based systems.

The microcontroller based automatic sets are equipped with many features. The advancement in these automated products are carried out based on the industry requirement and customer feedback to design more accurate, user friendly, cost effective and reliable systems.

General Specification

The Automated Sets can have the below listed features,

01. Safety Interlock
02. Protection Scheme
03. High Voltage Control
04. Motor Speed Control
05. Test & Measurement
06. Data Acquisition
07. Annunciation (Indication / Indication + Alarm)

08. Human Machine Interface (HMI)

  • LCD Display with Keyboard
  • Desktop Computer ( Commercial Grade / Industrial Grade )
  • Laptop
  • Touch Screen Panel

09. Remote Testing Software – The connectivity can be done through USB or RS 232

  • Remote Testing
  • System Configuration
  • Data Table
  • Graphical Plot
  • Report Generation

10. Test AnalysisBased on the ideal theoretical data the obtained result can be compared for further analysis and calibration and standardization.