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Tan-delta & resistivity test set for insulating oil

Neo Tele-Tronix Pvt. Ltd. better known by brand name NTPL serves in the field of Electrical and Testing Equipments for over 35 years located in Kolkata, West Bengal.

NTPL manufactures over 60 different types of test and measuring instruments.

It measures dielectric parameters like D.C. resistivity, dielectric constant and loss factor of the insulating oil of transformers, circuit breakers etc.

Loss angle & dielectric constant MODE:

This mode can measure dielectric constant & dissipation factor (tand).

Measuring Range      :                          Dielectric constant 1 to 10

                                                                                    Dissipation factor 0.01% to 100%

Accuracy                 :                          Dielectric Constant + 2% of reading + .001 of FSD
                                                                                    Dissipation factor + 3% of reading + .0001 tand

Test Voltage for loss factor :                           0 to 2000 V AC, 50 Hz.

Metering                   :                          Digital

Resistivity mode:  

This mode is provided with 500 V DC power supply with accuracy of + 5% to measure the resistivity of the sample under test.

Range                :           109 to 1016 ohm-cm in 7 ranges.

Test Voltage      :           500 V DC.

Accuracy           :           + 10% of reading + 2% of corresponding range F.S.D.

Metering            :           Analog

Three Terminal oil CELL:

The cell is fabricated out of stainless steel and Teflon is the insulating material used for isolation of the three electrodes i.e.. H.T. Electrode, Guard Electrode and Central Electrode.

Heating chamber :

This chamber uniformly heats the test cell and sample under test upto desired temperature to a maximum limit of 1200 C.

Temp. Range                                        :           From 200c (min.) or ambient to 1200 C.

Indication                                              :           Digital.

Accuracy of Temperature control           :           +20C

Power Supply    :   240V + 10%, 50 Hz, Single Phase AC.

Designed & Manufactured according to relevant IS and International Standards.

Note: Specification & design can be altered according to special requirement of the customer.