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Underground Cable Fault Locator

Neo Tele-Tronix Pvt. Ltd. better known by brand name NTPL serves in the field of Electrical and Testing Equipments for over 35 years located in Kolkata, West Bengal.

NTPL manufactures over 60 different types of test and measuring instruments.

Cable Fault Locator Bridge (Type-cflnt 02)

This Test Set is capable to locate Short circuit faults, High Resistance Earth faults that can be performed by H.V. D.C. source & Open circuit faults in all types of L.T. & H.T. armored underground cables (even P & T cables).


*    Detection by Null technique. Capable to overcome the effect of cable capacitance & foreign potential.

*    Isolated for High Voltage.

Power Source:

External Power source of 12 volts DC nominal, capable to deliver 100mA current is supplied along with the locator.

For Short circuit fault detection: Current measurement 100mA with input Impedance selection in multiple ranges.

Open circuit Fault detection: Capacitance Bridge technique.   

Cable Fault Locator Bridge may be provided with the following additional:

Depending on the nature of faults additional power source may be required.

Additional (1): AC Mains cum Battery Operated DC HV Power Supply

                        Series- DHVMCBPS  (Type- 2K5V050m)

Input     : 230 V, 50Hz,single phase AC mains & built-in rechargeable battery.

Output: 25 Volts to 2500 volts DC. Max.capacity – 50mA with built-in short circuit protection.

Additional (2): Surge Generator cum DC HV Test Set for Testing & Burning Faults

                         (Type – SGNT14)

Apart from providing output voltage for DC High Voltage testing, the surge generator cum DC HV test kit is designed to produce single as well as repetitive high-energy surges and can be used in conjunction Cable Fault Locator.

Input: 220/240 volts, 50Hz, 1KVA, approx.

Output: Continuously variable from (i) 0 to 3.5KV DC,(ii) 0 – 7.0 kV DC & (iii) 0 – 14 kV DC.

Maximum Current: 150mA at 3.5 kV range, 80mA at 7.0 kV range & 50mA at 14 kV range.


  • Low input power.
  • Automatic discharge of internal capacitor and circuit under test if mains supply switched off.
  • Controls interlocked for complete safety.
  • A key operated safety switch prevents unauthorized operation of the model SGNT 14.

Additional (3): Cable Fault Burner (Type -CFBNT)

To detect fault resistance higher than 10 Mega ohms CFBNT is suitable to burn down the faulty cable relatively to a low resistance fault.

Input       :  230 volts, 50Hz, single phase AC.

Output      : Continuously variable from 0 to 10KV.

Capacity : Burning current upto 50mA. Output is featured with drooping characteristic to have better control over burning.

Additional (2) or Additional (3) can be selected alternatively.

Additional (1), Additional (2) & Additional (3) are provided with-

  • Metering for output voltage & current measurement.
  • Overload tripping mechanism, Over voltage indication lamp & buzzer will be provided.
  • Zero start inter locking will be provided to ensure that the H.V. circuit cannot be energized unless the regulator is first returned to zero position.

Additional (4): Thyristor Thumper (Type-NTTTH01)

Single or repetitive fault can be re-energised by a switch for a preset length of time usually 10 cycles. If the current crosses the highest current level before the completion of 10 cycles, the current injection is switched off to avoid unnecessary over burning of the cable under test. The set can also be operated in a single shot mode.

The Set is used to pin point faults particularly for low voltage cables.

Input: 230V, single phase, 50Hz., AC.

Output: 50Amps max.


Safety interlocks are provided

Low Power is required.

             Designed & Manufactured according to relevant IS and International Standards.

Note: Specification & design can be altered according to special requirement of the customer.